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Publikuoti: 7/31/2019. Atnaujinta:

ACER adopts decisions on coordinated security analysis and relevance of assets for outage coordination in electricity

ACER publishes decisions based on EU Regulation on System Operation in electricity (SOGL) - on the methodology for coordinating operational security analysis (CSAM) for all Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and the methodology for assessing the relevance of assets for outage coordination (RAOCM).

The CSAM decision serve as a pan-European frame for the regional proposals on operational security coordination for each capacity calculation region (CCR). Among others, the CSAM decision covers harmonised rules to identify the elements of TSO's observability area and coordination of remedial actions inside a CCR and between CCRs. RAOCM sets out harmonised rules for all synchronous areas and describes in particular the influence computation method.

Both methodologies were originally developed by all TSOs and submitted for approval to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) before being referred to the Agency. The Agency introduced some amendments to the all TSOs' proposals in order to improve its legal clarity.

Also, The Agency introduced some amendments to the CSAM proposal in order to impose more specific and legally enforceable requirements on TSOs and Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) with regard to their obligations to design and coordinate remedial actions. CSAM also includes a requirement for TSOs to develop a probabilistic approach for risk assessment - to handle the reliability and costs of operation of a power system - and further defines the rules to deal with overlapping zones between CCRs as an amendment to the methodology.

For more information, please see ACER‘s webpage  CSAMRAOCM