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Publikuoti: 11/20/2020. Atnaujinta: 11/20/2020

Regulators approved position on cost

National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) together with other relevant regulatory authorities of European countries approved the decision on Transit shipping arrangements for the exchange of energy and financial settlement resulting from the single intraday coupling in all European bidding zones (hereinafter – Arrangements). In accordance with this decision, NERC approved the Arrangements at national level.

Transit shipping - transmission of information on external and internal electricity trading plans on an exchange between different counterparties.

These Arrangements defines the conditions under which transit shipping costs remain part of the competence of the designated electricity market operator. These costs are covered by fees paid by exchange participants. TSOs (Transmission system operators) acting as shipping agents shall continue performing transit shipping as it has done in the past. However, the Arrangements oblige the electricity market operators, TSOs and shipping agents shall submit, within 3 months of the publication of these Arrangements, a proposal for amendment to these Arrangements for enduring solutions.