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Publikuoti: 7/5/2016. Atnaujinta: 7/5/2016

The Electricity Sector (2014)

Market participants

In 2014, 2290 players were operating in the electricity market of Lithuania: 2245 of them were producers of electricity from renewable energy resources, 38 – producers using fossil fuel for electricity production, 1 entity operating the transmission network by the proprietary right, 6 entities operating the distribution networks, 5 entities performing the public supply function. Moreover, in 2014 there were 73 independent suppliers operating in the electricity market, which held the issued licenses/permits, and 18 of them were active.    

Since 2012, the activity of the independent electricity supply is regulated by the permits which are issued by the NCC (before that – by the licenses).


 In 2014 the electricity consumption in Lithuania equaled 12,4 TWh. Lithuania imports the major part of the consumed electricity – in 2014 the imported electricity quantity was 7,78 TWh.

Figure 1. Electricity balance in the country in 2008-2014, TWh


 Source – NCC.

Lithuania produces 32,6 percent of the demanded electricity quantity – in 2014 the quantity of produced electricity equaled 4.05 TWh (where 36,2 percent – the electricity quantity produced in the power plants using the renewable energy resources (RES), 47,0 percent – produced from fossil fuel, 16,8percent – the electricity quantity produced in Kruonis Hydro Pumped Storage Power Plant).

Figure 2. Balance of electricity production in 2008-2014, TWh

Source – NCC.

The biggest part of the electricity produced and imported in Lithuania is consumed by industrial customers, and approx. 27 percent of the consumed electricity is assigned to household customers. 


The revenues earned by the transmission system operator Litgrid AB from the transmission system operation were as high as LTL 294,2 million. In 2014, the operating income of the distribution network operator AB LESTO, which holds the biggest share of the distribution market, equaled LTL 1739,02 million, the revenues earned from the public supply activity – LTL 12,6 million.


In 2014, the investments in the infrastructure of the electricity transmission and distribution networks totaled LTL 718,9 million: LTL 348,0 million were the investments in the transmission network, LTL 370,9 million – in the distribution network.