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Published: 4/14/2020. Updated: 4/14/2020

ACER publishes the 5th Edition of the Guidance on REMIT application

ACER publishes today the 5th edition of the Guidance on the application of the EU Regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT), including updates and further elaboration on the guidance to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) related to assessing inside information in wholesale energy products.

In addition, this document provides further guidance on how to assess inside information based on four key REMIT criteria (i.e. it is precise, not public, related to one or more wholesale energy products, and likely to significantly affect prices). The new edition of the guidance also provides several concrete examples of information and inside information in the wholesale energy markets.

Market participants may benefit from the Guidance with respect to complying with the prohibition of insider trading and the obligation to publish inside information under REMIT. The Guidance introduces several best practices, for example, on internal compliance rules of market participants to deal with inside information.

ACER acknowledges that the implementation of these best practices may require complex internal processes for some market participants which may be delayed during the current coronavirus situation.

ACER will continue cooperating with NRAs to support them in carrying out their enforcement and investigation duties under REMIT in a consistent and coordinated way.

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EU Regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT)