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Publikuoti: 3/15/2021. Atnaujinta:

NERC invites to participate in the public consultation announced by the finnish regulatory authority

National Energy Regulatory Council together with Latvian, Estonian and Finnish national regulatory authorities have announced a public consultation on the report "Analysis of Future Electricity Market Risk Hedging Opportunities in the Trade Zones of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania" prepared by the consultants Thema Consulting Group. Market participants are invited to comment on the report by 23 March this year.

The report examines a number of future electricity hedging products offered by NASDAQ and analyzes whether the products or product combinations offered in futures markets should be considered as hedging against next day price fluctuations in the relevant trading area. The report covers the trade price zones of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as the trade price zones on their borders in Sweden and Norway.

The analysis carried out in the report is necessary in order to comply with Regulation no. For the purposes of Article 30 (4) of 2016/1719, the following indicators would be assessed for NASDAQ products: trading time range, bid-ask spread, traded volumes relative to physical consumption and sum of open positions relative to physical consumption.

The consultation document is available on the Finnish regulator's website. The consultation will be conducted jointly by Finland and the Baltic States. The Finnish regulatory authority is a leading player in this consultation.