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Publikuoti: 1/29/2021. Atnaujinta:

REMIT News: ACER publishes its new REMIT Quarterly

The 23rd edition of ACER’s REMIT Quarterly has been published on the REMIT Portal. Covering the last quarter of 2020, this edition highlights the impact that Brexit and Covid-19 have had on the implementation of REMIT, describes ACER’s data quality work in 2020, and summarises some important publications recently published, including the Q&As on REMIT fees and the Open Letters on Brexit, Covid-19, and data quality.

The new edition also recaps the virtual Roundtable meetings with stakeholders that were held in November 2020 and provides a report on a recent sanction of market manipulation in Great Britain.

Access the latest REMIT Quarterly (we recommend open it using Mozilla or Chrome browsers).

The statistics on Registered Reporting Mechanisms’ (RRM) contingency reports and REMIT cases in Q4 2020 are also included, along with an updated overview of the sanction decisions for the last four quarters.