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Publikuoti: 9/14/2021. Atnaujinta: 9/27/2021

Nerc approved Methodology on cross-zonal capacity calculation and allocation with third countries

​​The National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC), implementing the Law on Necessary Measures of Protection against the Threats Posed by Unsafe Nuclear Power Plants in Third Countries, approved the Methodology for determining the cross-zonal capacities between the Lithuania-Kaliningrad interconnector and the Lithuania-Belarus interconnector.

Methodology provisions:

• Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) for LT-BY would be set to 0 MW.

• Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator (TSO) AB Litgrid will determine the maximum Total Transfer Capacity (TTC) for the LT-BY interconnection only for necessary technical flows.

• Determining the total transfer capacity of the LT-BY interconnector will not restrict electricity trade between Latvia and Russia.

Find out more and access the Methodology he​re.