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Publikuoti: 3/2/2022. Atnaujinta: 3/2/2022

Joint Statement by Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Polish Energy Regulators in support of Ukraine

Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, and Polish energy regulators issued a joint statement in support of Ukraine. In the statement, the regulators expressed support in condemning Russia's open and large-scale aggression against the independent, peaceful, and democratic state of Ukraine. Baltic states' and Polish regulators unanimously call on the international community to strongly condemn Russia's aggression and to impose the strongest possible sanctions, including the political isolation of Russia.

The regulators called on the governing bodies of the Regional Association of Energy Regulators (ERRA) to suspend Russia's membership and the participation of its individual experts in any form in all forthcoming events and activities organised by ERRA.

Furthermore, the energy regulators offer full support and necessary assistance to the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine and friends in Ukraine.​