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Published: 4/10/2018. Updated:

The European Commission has published a study on the European Union gas market regulatory framework

The study "Quo Vadis EU gas regulatory framework" was carried out to analyse whether the current regulatory framework in the EU gas sector is efficient in order to maximise overall EU welfare and usefulness for consumers.

The study identifies potential inefficiencies of the EU gas market regulatory framework assuming the full implementation of the Third Energy Package and related gas Network Codes, and discusses possible additional regulatory measures which could potentially lead to the improvement of EU welfare.

The key potential market inefficiencies identified and analysed in this study comprise upstream market concentration, long-term capacity bookings and associated network access problems, the current level and structure of cross-border tariffs and institutional constraints to market development and integration. Consequently, the 4 alternative regulatory scenarios are provided in the study with the aim to present a major change in the gas market.

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