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Published: 11/10/2017. Updated:

Traditional Baltic Gas Market Forum and Baltic Electricity Market Forum events hosted in Vilnius

nuotraukos-el.jpgOn 6-7 November, 2017, the traditional Baltic Gas Market Forum and Baltic Electricity Market Forum events were hosted by the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices of the Republic of Lithuania in Vilnius. Both events gathered more than one hundred energy market stakeholders from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Sweden. The events were as well attended by the European Commission and Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) representatives.

On 6 November, 2017, the participants of the Baltic Gas Market Forum got the chance to get acquainted with the very recent developments related with the regional Baltic-Finnish gas market creation. In particular, market participants advocated for the need to abolish the barriers for the wholesale gas trading and welcomed the initiative of the Baltic countries and Finnish national energy regulatory authorities to establish the short term and long term guidelines for the single regional entry-exit zone formation. In the margin of the event, the final version of the above mentioned guidelines' document was agreed among the Baltic countries and Finnish national energy regulatory authorities' representatives, and the signing process has started.

The chosen model of the Baltic countries and Finnish gas markets merger is in line with  the future gas market design scenarios for Europe that were presented by the European Commission representative, and in turn will contribute to the elimination of the barriers for gas wholesale trading that were presented by the ACER colleague. As well the transmission services' pricing principles that will be established in the region will comply with the requirements of the Network Code on harmonised transmission tariffs structures for gas that were presented by the ACER representative.

As the infrastructure is indispensable for the well functioning energy market, the recent developments on the regional gas infrastructure projects were as well presented. The event participants as well have listened to the main achievements and prospects of regional gas trading platform.

On 7 November, 2017, during the day dedicated for the Baltic Electricity Market Forum the progress on the implementation of network codes and regulations was discussed touching as well the future prospects for Baltic, Nordic and European electricity markets developments.

The huge interest was attracted by the presentation on the Baltic generation adequacy analysis for 2017-2032. Such analysis has been conducted for the first time by the Baltic electricity transmission system operators.

During the event the updates from the side of the Nominated Electricity Market Operators were given to the audience. The traders presented their views and proposals for future electricity market functioning. Also the item on the innovative data sharing infrastructure was very welcomed by the event participants.

The wide and intensive discussions during the events and future challenges all market participants will need to cope with prove that the traditional Baltic Gas Market Forum and Baltic Electricity Market Forum events are the right platform to exchange the views and fix the progress on the energy market developments around the region. The next Forum events will be organised in Estonia next spring.