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Published: 1/29/2018. Updated: 3/7/2019

Representatives of Baltic States’ and Finnish NRAs and TSOs discussed the issues relevant for regional natural gas market creation

On 23rd January, 2018, the meeting of the representatives of Baltic States’ and Finnish national regulatory authorities (NRAs) took place at the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices. The common entry-exit tariff regime for the Baltic-Finnish regional gas market was discussed raising the issues of primary and secondary natural gas network splitting and the Inter-Transmission System Operator Compensation (ITC) mechanism application in the region. The teleconference was organised with the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in order to discuss the primary and secondary natural gas network split. The representatives of ACER have noticed that the main aim is to avoid the cross-subsidisation in the entry-exit system. 

On 24th January, 2018, the common workshop of NRAs and natural gas transmission system operators (TSOs) was organised by AB „Amber Grid“. In implementing the Action Plan on regional gas market development, NRAs and TSOs have to reach the agreement on the main principles of ITC mechanism, with the aim to apply common entry tariffs in the Baltic region from 1st January, 2019, and in the Baltic-Finnish region from 2020. It was agreed that TSOs will provide additional counting and present suggested alternatives for ITC mechanism graphically. Following that, NRAs in cooperation with ACER will reach common decision on the assessment of the primary and secondary natural gas network, needed for setting the prices of the services of natural gas transmission in the Baltic-Finnish region.